Evaluation of an elastic stiffness sensitivity of leaf type HDS

판형 홀다운스프링 집합체의 탄성강성도 민감도 평가

  • 송기남 (한국원자력연구소 핵연료집합체 설계분야)
  • Published : 1997.08.01


The previous elastic stiffness formulas of leaf type holddown spring assemblies(HDSs) have been corrected and extended to be able to consider the point of taper runout for the TT-HDS and all the strain energies for both the TT-HDS and the TW-HDS based on Euler beam theory and Castigliano'stheorem. The elastic stiffness sensitivity of the leaf type holddown spring assemblies was analyzed using the derived elastic stiffness formulas and their gradient vectors obtained from the mid-point formula. As a result of the sensitivity analysis, the elastic stiffness sensitivity at each design variable is quantified and design variables having remarkable sensitivity are identified. Among the design variables, leaf thickness is identified as that of having the most remarkable sensitivity of the elastic stiffness. In addition, it was found that the sensitivity of the leaf type HDS's elastic stiffness is exponentially correlated to the leaf thickness.


Elastic Stiffness Formula;KOFA(Korean Fuel Assembly);TT-HDS(Tapered-Thickness Holddown Spring Assembly);TW-HDS(Tapered-Width Holddown Spring Assembly);Leaf Type Spring;Castiglianos Theorem


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