The accurate measurement of center position and orientation of SMD VR by using machine vision

머신비젼을 이용한 SMD VR의 중심위치와 홈방향 정밀계측

  • Published : 1997.08.01


The automation of final inspection and tuning process in the manufacturing of electric products is hot issue now, because it is the only part that has not been wholey automized yet, mainly due to the difficulties to handle so small size of VR which is the final tuning point in the most of electric products. For the automation of this process, at first the accurate measurement of position and orientation of SMD VR on PCB in real time is strongly needed. In this paper, a new image processing algorithm to detect the center position and orientation of target VR by using machine vision is proposed for automatic final tuning of the 8mm camcoder's performance. In the method, the outline feature of object is used actively. The usefulness of the proposed methods were tested by several experiments, and the results showed enough accuracy for both of position and orientation. Additatively, we discussed about the total visual system construction and preprocessing of image.


Image Processing;Machine Vision;VR;SMD;Automation of Inspection


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