Analysis of stress and stress intensity factor in bonded dissimilar materials by boundary element method

경계요소법을 이용한 이종재료 접착.접합재의 응력 및 응력세기계수 해석

Yi, W.;Chung, N.Y.;Yu, Y.C.;Jeong, E.S.

  • Published : 1997.09.01


Currently it is increasing to use th bonded dissimilar materials in the various field of advanced engineering such as the highly rigid and lighter vehicle, plastic molding LSI package and metal/ceramic bonded joint. In spite of such a wide application of the bonded dissimilar materials, the evaluation method of the bonding strength has not been established yet. Therefore in this paper we analyze the interface crack problem by introducing fracture mechanics parameters as the basic research about estimating of the strength of adhesive joints. The variation of stress intensity factor according to the elastic modulus of adherend and thickness of bonded layer are investigated. Numerical results are based on the results of boundary element analysis of four different type butt joints subjected to uniaxial tension loading.


Bonded Dissimilar Materials;Interface Crack;Boundary Element Method;Stress Intensity Factor;Stress Singularity