An upper-bound analysis for the guiding type forging of helical gears

헬리컬기어의 안내형 단조에 관한 상계해석

Choi, J.C.;Choi, Y.;Tak, S.J.

  • Published : 1997.09.01


In this paper, the forging of helical gears has been investigated. Punch is tooth-shaped as is the die insert. The punch compresses a cylindrical billet placed in a die insert. As a consequence the material of billet flows into the tooth region. The forging has been analysed by using the upper-bound method. A kinematically admissible velocity field has been developed, wherein, an involute curve has been introduced to represent tooth profile of the gear. Numerical calculations have been carried out to investigate the effects of various parameters, such as module, number of teeth, helix angle and friction factor on the forging of helical gears. Some forging experimentswere carried out with aluminum alloy to show the validity of the analysis. Good agreement was found between the predicted values of the forging load and obtained from the experimental results.


Forging of Helical Gear;Guiding Type Forging;Upper-bound Analysis;Forging Experiment