development of design support system for gear drives

치차장치 설계를 위한 설계지원 시스템 개발에 관한 연구

Chong, Tae-Hyong;Bae, In-Ho;Kim, Hyun

  • Published : 1997.09.01


There have been a number of expert systems which are concerned with the design of machine elements such as gear, shaft, bearing and so on. However the design of more complicated systems such as gear dreives are still difficult. Thus, in consideration of the integrative nature of the system, we develop a design support system for gear drives which is composed of various machine elements-gear, shaft, bearing, key and so on. Design systems for each machine element are developed and integrated through object-oriented approach. Databases essential for data reference and/or data control in the design process are built up independently and interface to the main program. Expert systems are also developed and integrated for intelligent support to the designer, in those of the determination of gear specification and the selection of bearing types. Through the integration of design environment for each machine element, it is expected to increase the convenience in the design process and the stability of the design solution. And also the system management, including addition of various design/analysis modules and expansion to the gear drives of other types, can be conveniently achieved since the system has developed under due consideration of its efficiency and expandability through object-oriented programming approach.


Gear Drives;Machine Design;Expert System;Design Support System;Object Oriented Approach;Database