Bond Gragh Prototypes: A General Model for Dynamic Systems in Terms of Bond Graphs

표준본드선도: 본드선도에 의한 동적시스템의 일반모델

Park, Jeon-Soo;Kim, Jong-Shik

  • Published : 1997.09.01


This paper examines the physics and mechanics governing the dynamic interaction between physical systems and suggests the four structures of bond graph prototypes, considered as a general model that can promise their dynamic behavior physically resonable. The bond graph prototypes originating from the paper are more realistic junction structures than those used to model dynamic systems conventionally by bond graph standards in whether physical constraints are involved or not when the energy exchange between two dynamic components arises. It is shown that the bond graph prototypes are dynamic or energetic in their describing equations compared to the bond graph standards, and connectivity and causality are properties of dynamic systems upon which the steps developed in this paper for the bond graph prototypes are wholly based and their definitions an concepts are highly emphasized all through the paper.


Bond Graph Standards;Static Junctions;Bond Graph Prototypes;Dynamic Junctions;Physical Equivalence;Causality;Connectivity