Study on technique development for the solidified body of rock waste and evaluation of fracture toughness

암석폐재의 고화체 합성기술의 개발과 파괴인성평가에 관한 연구

Na, Eui-Gyun;Yu, Hyosun;Kim, Jin-Yong;Lee, Jeong-Gee;Chung, Se-Hi

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The hot press apparatus to obtain the solidified rocks with 60mm of diameter against rock waste was developed, and the optimum conditions for solidification were founded out, of which were 300.deg. C of temperature and 1hr of holding time. The solidified rocks reinforced with the fibers (carbon, steel) were made by means of a hydrothermal hot press method. Fracture toughness of those was obtained using the round compact tension(RCT) specimens. Load and displacement behaviours of the solidified rocks reinforced with the fibers were dependent upon the fiber volume fraction and kind of the fibers. Strength and fracture energy of the solidified rocks with steel were much larger than those of the solidified ones with carbon because of the Bridge's effect, multiple cracking and crack branching phenomena.


Hydrothermal Hot Press;Rock Waste;Solidified Rocks;Strength;Fracture Toughness;Crack Opening Displacement;Fiber Volume Fraction;Bridges Effect;Multiple Cracking;Matrix;Shear Strength