Study on grindability of ferrite

페라이트의 연삭성에 관한 연구

Kim, Seong-Cheong;Lee, Jae-U

  • Published : 1997.09.01


This paper aims to clarify the effects of grinding conditions on bending strength in surface grinding of various ferrites with the resin bond diamond wheel. The main conclusions obtained were as follows. At a constant material removal rate, the strength improves with increased wheel depth of cut and decreased workpiece speed. It is desirable to grind at higher peripheral wheel speed and under the critical workpiece speed presented in this paper. Grinding the ferrite of higher brittleness, the wheel depth of cut limited to hold 50% of their inherent strength becomes lower. The effect of various grinding conditions on bending strength becomes more larger in the order of Sr, Mn-Zn and Cu-Ni-Zn. When using the diamond grain of the lower toughness, the bending strength becomes higher, and the wheel wear occurs faster. Considering both bending strength and wheel wear rate, the best concentration of wheel is 100. The ground surfaces exhibit that the fracture process during grinding becomes more brittle in the order of Sr, Mn-Zn and Cu-Ni-Zn.


Ferrite;Grindability;Surface Grinding;Grinding Condition;Bending Strength;Wheel Wear