Finite element analysis of eccentric loading in high-velocity impact forging

고속 타격단조시 발생되는 편심부하의 유한요소해석

  • Published : 1997.10.01


The high-velocity impact forging process with eccentric loading condition is analyzed using the explicit time integration finite element method. In order to consider the strain hardening, strain rate hardening and thermal softening effects, which are frequently observed in high-velocity deformation phenomena, the Johnson-Cook constitutive model is applied to model the workpiece. It is assumed that the material response of the dies is elastic in the study. As a result of the eccentric loading simulation, it is found that the increase of the eccentric ratio and the allowable tilting angle cause the decrease of the maximum forging load and the blow efficiency, and it is also found that the forging load and the blow efficiency generated in the high-velocity impact forging process with three-dimensional geometry can be obtained efficiently.


High-Velocity Impact Forging;Eccentric Loading;Finite Element Analysis;Blow Efficiency


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