Position servo control of a PR type pneumatic manipulator

PR형 공압 머니퓰레이터의 위치서보제어

  • Published : 1997.10.01


This paper concerns a 2-axis PR type pneumatic manipulator system translating in vertical and rotating in horizontal directions. A simplified linear model is mathematically formulated similar to the pneumatic acturators in dynamic responses in order to devise an appropriate position control scheme. A PD controller preceding the on/off solenoid valve turns out not only economical but also effective in reducing rise time and amplitude of limit cycles, if its control gains are determined on the basis of frequency response. And, additional implementation of symmetric or asymmetric deadband at the PD controller output greatly helps minimize valve opening numbers, positional error, and undesirable direction-dependent property due to the gravitational load. Such a control concept is synthesized through numerical simulations and next applied to the experimental set-up, featuring enhanced positional servo characteristics.


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