A study on the fatigue and fracture characteristics of localized nuclear reactor vessel material

국산 원자로용기 재료의 피로 및 파괴특성 연구

  • 정순억 (경상대학교 기관공학과)
  • Published : 1997.10.01


It is important to ensure the reliability of the first localized reactor vessel steel. To satisfy with this purpose, a study on the impact/hardness, low cycle fatigue(LCF), crack growth rate(da/dN) and fracture toughness( ) of base material(BM) and weld metal(WM) were performed under room temperature air and corrosion conditions. A summary of the results is as folows : (1) Charpy impact absorbed energy of BM was the highest value, heat affected zoon(HAZ) and the lowest, WM. The hardness of BM was similar to HAZ. (2) Coefficients of Manson equation using the monotonic tensile test data were obtained for the present material. (3) The effects of stress ratio and ambient (120.deg. C and NaCl) condition on da/dN were investigated, da/dN with NaCl condition expressed the highest value. (4) The results of Charpy V-notch impact test had good correlation with $K_{IC}$ characteristics and the lowest curve of $K_{IC}$ for BM was derived, more researches about WM and HAZ are required hereafter.


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