직교이방성 재료의 구멍주위에 관한 하이브리드 응력해석시 요소크기의 효과

Effect of element size in hybrid stress analysis around a hole in loaded orthotropic composites

  • 백태현 (군산대학교 기계공학부)
  • 발행 : 1997.10.01


A numerical study for the number of terms of a power series stress function and the effect of hybrid element size on stress analysis around a hole in loaded orthotropic composites is presented. The hybrid method coupling experimental and/or theoretical inputs and complex variable formulations involving conformal mappings and analytical continuity is used to calculate tangential stress on the boundary of the hole in uniaxially loaded, finite width glass epoxy tensile plate. The tests are done by rarying the number of terms, element size and nodal locations on the external boundary of the hybrid region. The numerical results indicate that the hybrid method is accurate and powerful in both experimental and numerical stress analysis.


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