Prediction of Fracture Resistance Curves for Nuclear Piping Materials(II)

원자력 배관재료의 파괴저항곡선 예측

Chang, Yoon-Suk;Seok, Chang-Sung;Kim, Young-Jin

  • Published : 1997.11.01


In order to perform leak-before-break design of nuclear piping systems and integrity evaluation of reactor vessels, full stress-strain curves and fracture resistance (J-R) curves are required. However it is time-consuming and expensive to obtain J-R curves experimentally. The objective of this paper is to modify two J-R curve prediction methods previously proposed by the authors and to propose an additional J-R curve prediction method for nuclear piping materials. In the first method which is based on the elastic-plastic finite element analysis, a blunting region handling procedure is added to the existing method. In the second method which is based on the empirical equation, a revised general equation is proposed to apply to both carbon steel and stainless steel. Finally, in the third method, both full stress-strain curve and finite element analysis results are used for J-R curve prediction. A good agreement between the predicted results based on the proposed methods and the experimental ones is obtained.


Leak Before Break(LBB);J-R Curve;Fracture Strain;Finite Element Method