실험계획법을 이용한 쌍안경식 6축 로드셀의 설계 및 상호간섭 오차 평가

Design and evaluation of binocular type six-component load cell by using experimental technique

  • 발행 : 1997.11.01


This paper presents the effective technique to design a six-axis load cell by using experimental design with an orthogonal array. A binocular structure is used as a basic sensing element for a load cell instead of the parallel plate structure. The finite element method is adopted to obtain strain distributions of the sensing element, and by doing the analysis of variances, its results are utilized in determining the factor which is more influential to the output strain. Calibration test results show that the developed six-axis loa cell with the maximum capacities of 196 N in forces and 19.6 N. m in moments is evaluated to be useful with the coupling error less than 2.5%.


6축 로드셀;쌍안경구조;실험계획법;상호간섭오차