A study on the characteristics of torsional vibration for 4*4 vehicles drivetrain

4륜구동 차량구동계의 비틀림진동 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.11.01


Torsional vibration is to vibrate strongly when the ignition pulses of the engine is excited with natural frequency of driveline. Torsional vibration like this can cause various noises as rattle and booming. For this study multi-degree of freedom analysis model of torsional vibration, which is combined with mass moment of inertia and torsional spring, was developed toward two wheel drive, four wheel drive and torsional vibration characteristics were compared and analyzed through the natural frequences, mode shapes and frequency response characteristics which was acquired by the simulation of it. The pertinence of that model was proved by the field test and the outcome of the simulations coincided with feeling test. Therefore, four wheel drive simulation model is considered to be useful thing for reducing torsional vibration of driveline and developing full-time four wheel drive vehicles.


Torsional Vibration;Natural Frequency;Mode Shape;Resonance;Angular Acceleration;Frequency Response Characteristics