A study on the solution stability by the position of internal nodes in hihger order isoparametric elements

고차 등매개요소에서 내부절점의 위치와 해의 안정성 연구

Lee, Joon-Hee;Lim, Jang-Keun

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Higher order isoparametric elements are usually used in the finite element analysis because they can represent easily the geometric shape of a complex structure ad can improve the solution quality. When these elements are used, the position of internal nodes affects greatly on the solution accuracy. Decreasing of the accuracy related to the position of internal nodes is due to non-conformal mapping often results in an unstable Jacobian value. This paper, in order to remove this difficulty, suggests a modified shape function which can establish conformal mapping between two coordinate systems. Numerical experiments with the proposed shape function show that a stable solution can be obtained without respect to the position of internal nodes, and offer convenience that one can take arbitrarily the position of internal nodes considering only the geometric shape of element boundaries.


Finite Element Method;Isoparametric Element;Internal Node;Conformal Mapping