A study on the characteristics of electrochemical deburring in the governor shaft cross hole

거버너샤프트 교차구멍 내경의 전해디버링 특성에 관한 연구

Choi, In-Hyu;Kim, Jeong-Du

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Recently burr technology is rising in the fields of the precision manufacturing and the high quality machining, deburring has treated as a difficult problem on going to the high efficiency, automation in the FMS. Removal of burr with various shapes, dimensions and properties couldn't be standardized and has depended on manual treatment. Especially, deburring for cross hole inside owing to passing through out perpendicular to a main hole is more difficult, the electrochemical method is proper as its solution at practical aspects. Burr elimination in the cross hole drilling of governor shaft used in the automobile engine so far has been worked by a manual post-processing by a skillful worker, which becomes a factor of productivity-down and cost-up so that improvement of machining process is needed. Therefore, for the high efficiency and automation of internal deburring in the cross hole, development of electrochemical deburring technology is needed. So, the new process in the burr treatment is supposed. In this study, characteristics of electrochemical deburring through experiments were identified and factors such as electrolytic gap and electorlytic fluid contributed to removal burr height were analyzed. Also, deburring efficiency and electrolytic performance for cross hole were examined according to electrolytic current and electrochemical deburring condition corresponding to acquired edge quality was found out.


Electrochemical Deburring;Cross Hole;Burr Height;Edge Quality