Instability caused by interaction between a rotating disk and a mass-spring-damper system

회전원판과 스프링-댐퍼를 가진 질점계의 상호작용에 의한 불안정성

Kim, C.B;Han, D.H

  • Published : 1997.12.01


In this paper the instability of the system which has a disk and a mass-spring-damper system interacting through a medium having stiffness and damping is analyzed. To solve the equations of motion of this systme, it is assumed that the solution consists of the eigenfunctions which are the products of the Bessel functions and sine or cosine functions. The former represents the radial characteristics of the disk and the latter represents the circumferential characteristics. Using this assumed solution and the orthogonality of the eigenfunctions, the equations of motion can be transformed into a set of equations of motion with variables dependent only on the time. After this set is changed to the state equation, the eigenvalue problem can be made. Once the eigenvalues are calculated according to the angular velocity of the disk, the dynamic characteristics ofthis system is obtained. Because the thickness of the disk and the element characteristics of the mass-spring-damper system have important effects on the stability of the system, it will be understood how these factors affect the system and then a method to ameliorate the stability of the system with a disk will be presented.


Instability;Dimensionless Variable;Orthogonality;Eigenfunction;Disk;Mass-Spring-Damper System