Three dimensional multi-step inverse analysis for optimum design of initial blank in sheet metal forming

박판금속성형의 초기 블랭크 최적설계를 위한 삼차원 다단계 역해석

Lee, Choong-Ho;Huh, Hoon

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Values of process parameters in sheet metal forming can be estimated by various one-step inverse methods. One-step inverse methods based on deformation theory, however, cause some amount of error. The amount of error is generally increased as the deformation path becomes more complex. As a remedy, a new three dimensional multi-step inverse method is introduced for optimum design of blank shapes and strain distributions from desired final shapes. The approach extends a one-step inverse method to a multi-step inverse method in order to reduce the amount of error. The algorithm developed is applied to square cup drawing to confirm its validity by demonstrating reasonably accurate numerical results. Rapid calculation with this algorithm enables easy determination of an initial blank of sheet metal forming.


Multi-step Inverse Analysis;Sheet Metal Forming;Initial Blank;Deformation Theory