Control of throttle actuator system based on time delay control

시간지연제어에 기초한 스로틀액츄에이터 시스템의 제어

Song, Jae-Bok;Byeon, Kyeong-Seok

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Accurate positioning of the throttle valve of a gasoline engine is required to implement various systems such as traction control system(TCS), cruise control system and drive-by-wire system. In this research, position control system has been developed for the throttle actuator system that uses one throttle actuation for small volume and DC servo motor for fast response. In order to drive the DC motor, PWM signal generator and PWM amplifier were built and interfaced to the motor and controller. Also, time delay control(TDC) law has been used as a basic control algorithm. A method of varying the reference model of the TDC according to the size of change in target throttle angle is proposed here. The simulation and experimental results show that both overshoot prevention and fast response are achieved by the TDC technique with this variable reference model.


Throttle Actuator System;Time Delay Control;Variable Reference Model;DC Motor Drive