An Analysis of Stress Waves in an Elastic Half Space to a Normal Point Force of Ramp Type in Time

램프형 포인트하중에 의한 반무한 탄성체의 응력파해석

  • Published : 1997.04.01


Stress wave propagations in an elastic half space to a normal point force of ramp type in time are analyzed. The governing equations are transformed by applying the Laplace and Hankel transforms with respect to time and radial distance. The inversion of Laplace transforms are performed by employing the Cagniard-de Hoop method, where the Rayleigh waves at surface are obtained by including the residue terms. The stress waves computed at the location very cose to the surface are shown to be almost identical to the surface waves obtained by the residue method except the Rayleigh wavefront. It is found that at the surface, the stresses are dominated by the Rayleigh waves, whose amplitudes increase linearly with time when time is very large. It is also found that in the interior part, the radial stress has a logarithmic singularity at the shear wavefront, while tangential stress shows no singularity.


Stress Wave;Elastic Half Space;Rayleigh Wave;Point Force