Selection of Color Smaples based on Genetic Algorithm for Color Correction

유전알고리즘을 이용한 색 보정용 색 샘플 결정

  • Published : 1997.01.01


Most color imaging devices often exhibit color distortions due to the differences in realizable color gamuts and nonlinear characteristics of their components. In order to minimize color differences, it is desirable to apply color correction techniques. Th efirst step of color correction is to select the subset of the color coordinates representing the input color space. Th eselected subset serves as so called color samples to model the color distortion of a given color imaging device. The effectiveness of color correction is determined by the color sampels utilized in the modeling as well as the applied color correction technique. This paper presents a new selection method for color samples based on gentic algorithm. In the proposed method, structure of strings are designed so that the selected color samples fully represent the characteristics of color imaging device and consist of distinct color coordinates. To evaluate the performance of the selected color samples, they ar etuilized for three different color correction experiments. The experimentsal results are comapred with the crresponding results obtianed with the equally spaced color samples.