Mixed $H^2/H^{\infty}$ Filter Design for Linear Parameter Varying System

선형 파라마터 변이 시스템에 대한 혼합 $H^2/H^{\infty}$ 필터 설계

  • 이갑래 (두원공업전문대학 컴퓨터 응용제어과) ;
  • 윤한오 (구미전문대학 전자공학과)
  • Published : 1997.11.01


This paepr is concerned with the design of linear parameter varying filter that ensures H$^{2}$/$H^{\infty}$ performance for a class of linear parameter varying(LPV) plants. The state space matrices of plant are assumed to be dependent affinely on a vector of time varying parameter, and each parameter is assumed to be measured in real time. Using the linear matrix inequalities(LMIs), we can solve the synthesis problem and the solution of LMIs is carried out off-line. The designed filter is parameter varying and automatically scheduled along parameter trajectories. Because the solution of LMIs is carried out off-line, computation time of filter gain is reduced. The validity of the proposed algorithm is verifed through computer simulation..