Characterizations of optical properties and microstructures of composite $MgF_2-TiO_2$ films fabricated by ion assisted deposition

이온 보조 증착에 의해 제작된 $MgF_2-TiO_2$ 혼합 박막의 광학적, 구조적 특성 분석

  • Published : 1997.10.01


The composite $MgF_2$-$TiO_2$ films are fabricated by codeposition from two independent sources. To improve optical and mechanical properties of films, the films are prepared by ion-assisted deposition. Chemical compositions, optical properties and microstructures of the composite films were investigated. The chemical composition rates of Ti:Mg of $MgF_2$-$TiO_2$ composite films are nonlinearly varied according to the relative deposition rate. It is found that the refractive indices of the composite films decrease with increasing $MgF_2$ contents and can be fitted quite well with Drude's formula and that the microstructures of the composite films changes from an amorphous to crystalline with increasing $MgF_2$ mole fractions.



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