Fabrication of transducer optimized acousto optic modulator for laser projection display

Transducer 최적화 설계에 의한 Laser Projection Display용 음향광학변조기 제작 및 특성평가에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1997.10.01


Laser projection display is a full color display system for large area. In this system, laser beams are modulated at acousto optic modulators(AOM) according to the video signal. AOM consists of a $TeO_2$ crystal and a $LiNbO_3$ transducer. We calculated the acoustic wave propagating from transducer to acousto optic media and made AOM by the calculated results. We compared calculated results with fabricated AOM by measuring modulation efficiency at various frequency. The modulation efficiency of AOM is 85% at the carrier frequency of 144MHz and the rise time is 41.5 ns.



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