Temperature Dependence of Magnetic State of Fe/Al Multilayered Films

  • Lee, S. J. (Korea University) ;
  • J. S. Baek (Korea University) ;
  • Kim, Y. Y. (Korea University) ;
  • W. Y. Lim (Korea University) ;
  • W. Abdul-Razzaq (West Virginia University)
  • Published : 1997.09.01


We investigated the temperature dependence of magnetization of Fe/Al multilayers fabricated by dc magnetron sputtering system. As the temperature increased from 5 K in a low magnetic field (100G) the magnetization of the samples increased and made a broad peak at some critical temperature. Further increase of temperature decresed the magnetization as an ardinary ferromagnetic curve. Part of samples show rapid increase of magnetization at low temperature. A model developed in this study suggests that the biquadratic coupling yields such a rapidly increasing behavior of magnetization at low temperature.



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