The Variation of Permeability and$Q_{max}$ Frequency with Processing Parameters in NiCuZn Ferrites

제조 공정 Parameter에 따른 NiCuZn Ferrite의 투자율과 $Q_{max}$ 주파수 변화

  • Published : 1997.02.01


Composition and process conditions for low temperature sintered NiCuZn ferrites were investigated, so as to fabricate multilayered chip inductor. The$Fe_2O_3$ deficiency for low temperature sintering was decreased with NiO contents of NiCuZn ferrites. The permeability of NiCuZn ferrites can be controlled in the range of 12~562 with the variation of NiO and $Co_3O_4$ contents. The $Q_{max} $ frequency of NiCuZn ferrites was decreased from 50 MHz to 3 MHz linearly with permeability increase from 60 to 560. The relation between the $Q_{max}$ frequency(Y) and permeability(X) of NiCuZn ferrites was expressed with the following empirical equation, logY=4.2-1.4logX.



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