The Free Edge Stress Singularity At An Interface of Bilinear Material Structure

탄성 선형 경화 재료로 구성된 복합 구조물의 자유 경계면에서 나타나는 응력특이도

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The order of the stress singularity that occurs at the termination of an interface between materials exhibiting bilinear stress-strain response under plane strain conditions has been calculated, The governing equation of elasticity together with traction-free boundary condition and interface continuity condition defines a two-point boundary value problem. The stress components near the free edge are assumed to be proportional to r/sup s-1/, with solutions existing only for certain values of s. Finding these values entails the solution of an eigenvalue problem. Because it has been impossible to integrate the differential equations analytically, the integration has been performed numerically with a shooting method coupled with a Newton improvement scheme.


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