Silicon microstructure prepared by a dry etching

Dry Etching에 의해 제작된 실리콘 미세 구조물

  • Published : 1997.08.01


Porous silicons were prepared by dry etching as well as by chemical etching. The latter is a conventional method used by many researchers. Meanwhile, the former is a new method we developed. Also the porous silicon structure was made by E-beam lithography technique. However, due to the limit of this technique, minimum size we could produce was about 0.3 $\mu\textrm{m}$ in diameter on silicon wafer. In a new method, the porous silicon microstructure was fabricated by using Reactive Ion Etching method after covering with diamond powder on 4 inch wafer by using spin coater. In this method, diamond powder acted as a mask. The morphology of samples prepared under many different conditions were analysed be SEM and AFM. And we measured PL spectra for the samples. Based on these results, we observed the structure of a few hundreds $\AA$ in size from porous silicon which was made by dry etching with diamond powder. Also the PL peak for these samples lied around 590 nm compared to 760 nm for chemically etched porous silicon.



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