Relationship between the CMOD and the Load-Line Deflection of Concrete

콘크리트의 균열개구 변위와 하중방향 변위관계

  • 김석기 (단국대학교 공학대학 토목공학과)
  • Published : 1997.02.01


Traditional displacmir~nt measurement included an extrancous and cvrntlc. portmn due to test setup and support crushing. The magnitudc of this erroneous deformation was found to be of the same order as the actual displacement, leading to inaccurate determinations of fracture parameters. To overcome this problem, the load-CMOD relationship is a more reliable parameter for determining the fracture characteristics because it is unaffected by the specimen setup and any support crushing. An important step towards the use of load-(:MOD concept as a key fracture parameter depends on relating the CMODto the traditional load-line deflection. This investigation found that there was an unique linear relationship between the CMOD and the load-line deflection. The exact numeric value of relationship between the CMOD and the deflection. that is, the slope ofthe line, is discovered to be a material property. The relationship finds a problem with the existing IZIL,EM recommendations for. measuring the fracture energy of concrete. A proposal to correct the problem is made.