Analysis of added resistance of a ship advancing in waves

파랑중에서 전진하는 선박의 부가저항 해석

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  • Published : 1997.05.01


This paper presents theoretical formulations and numerical computations for predicting first-and second-order hydrodynamic force on a ship advvancing in waves. The theoretical formulation leads to linearized radiation and diffration problems solving the three-dimensional Green function integral equations over the mean wetted body surface. Green function representing a translating and pulsating source potantial for infinite water depth is used. In order to solve integral equations for three dimentional flows using Green function efficiently, the Hoff's method is adopted for numerical calculation of the Green function. Based on the first-order solution, the mean seconder-order forces and moments are obtained by directly integrating second-order pressure over the mean wetted body surface. The calculated items are carried out for analyzing the seakeeping characteristics of Series 60. The calculated items are hydrodynamic coefficients, wave exciting forces, frequency response functions and addd resistance in waves.


3-Dimensional Panel Method;Unsteady Velocity Potential;Translating and Pulsating Green Function;Added Mass;Damping Coenfficient;Wave Exciting Force;Frequency Response Function;Drift Force;Added Resistance;Series 60


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