An implementation of the dynamic rate leaky bucket algorithm combined with a neural network based prediction

신경회로망 예측기법을 결합한 Dynamic Rate Leaky Bucket 알고리즘의 구현

  • Published : 1997.02.01


The advent of B-ISDN using ATM(asynchronous transfer mode) made possible a variety of new multimedia services, however it also created a problem of congestion control due to bursty nature of various traffic sources. To tackle this problem, UPC/NPC(user parameter control/network parameter control) have been actively studied and DRLB(dynamic rate leaky bucket) algorithm, in which the token generation rate is changed according to states of data source andbuffer occupancy, is a good example of the UPC/NPC. However, the DRLB algorithm has drawbacks of low efficiency and difficult real-time implementation for bursty traffic sources because the determination of token generation rate in the algorithm is based on the present state of network. In this paper, we propose a more plastic and effective congestion control algorithm by combining the DRLB algorithm and neural network based prediction to remedy the drawbacks of the DRLB algorithm, and verify the efficacy of the proposed method by computer simulations.



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