Chemical Components in Different Parts of Pumpkin

늙은 호박의 부위별 화학성분

  • Published : 1997.08.01


The contents of free sugars, organic acids, amino acids, total carotenoids and pectin of pumpkin were analysed. Weight percentage of flesh was 84% of total weight. Rind and funicular attachment of seed were 10% and 3.5%, respectively. Major free sugars in pumpkin were fructose, glucose, sucrose. In flesh, fructose and glucose were the major free sugars, corresponding to 87% of total free sugars . Total sugar content in the flesh was three times higher than that in the funicular attachment of seed. Contents and composition of free amino acids were quite different according to the different parts of pumpkin. Non-volatile organic acids in pumpkin was malic, succinic and fumaric acid. The major acid in the flesh and funicular attachment of seed was malic acid and the contents in these parts were 85.2mg% and 226.5mg%, corresponding to 63% and 70% of the total organic acids, respectively. Eigh-tyseven percent of total carotenoids in the pumpkin was in the funicular attachment of seed, amounting 65.3mg%. However flesh and rind contained 6.6mg% and 3.3mg%, respectively. Water soluble pectin consisted 58% of the total soluble pectin in different parts of pumpkin, and soluble Pectin content was higher in funicular attachment of seed than in flesh. The major neutral sugars of the pectin in flesh and funicular attachment of seed were galactose and glucose consisting 45% and 36.5% of total neutral sugars.


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