Expression of Human Lactoferrin in Pichia pastoris

Pichia pastoris에서 Human Lactoferrin의 발현

  • Published : 1997.08.01


This study was attempted to express human lactoferrin gene that has importance as a functional additive in food industry. Lactoferrin has distinctive antibacterial properties. Also, a number of phy-siological roles have been postulated for the lactoferrin in the modulation of immune and inflamatory responses and as a growth factor. Since it did not show feasible growth inhibition by antimicrobial test against HLF, Pichia pastoris was selected the best lactoferrin expression host. HLF expression plasmid pHIL-SI was integrated into the genomic DNA of P. pastoris GSl15. The integration was confirmed not only with 2.4Kb fragment of HLF gene by PCR(polymerase chain reaction) product, but also with same size of specific signal by southern blotting. Among the various pichica transformants, the JY-1 cell showed a positive response for the expression of HLF by the immunoblotting anaysis. The recombinant HLF protein was started to be secreated at 48hr of culture and reached at the highest secreation level at 96hr.


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