A Computerized System for Diagnosis and Nutritional Assessment of Dietary Intakes : Recommended Dietary Allowances for Koreans, 6th Revision

식이섭취의 진단 및 영양평가를 위한 전산시스템 : 제6차 한국인 영양권장량에 준함

  • Published : 1997.08.01


The purpose of this study is to develop a software program to diagnose and assess status of dietary intake obtained using 24-hour dietary recall method. This program consist of four functions. The first function is assessing tile general status of the body such as ideal body weight, obesity measure, activity expenditure energy and total energy requirement by the analysis of age, height, weight and the degree of activity. The second one is calculating the intake number of food classified by the food group and evaluating the status of food intake by comparing them with the number of standardized intake in recommended dietary allowances for Koreans,6th revision. Third one is calculating energy and nutrient intakes contributed by the food group in dietary intake and evaluating the status of dietary intake by comparing the nutrient intake with the recommended dietary allowance for Korean, especially calculating and evaluating the status of dietary fat intake. The fourth function is calculating and evaluating the status of nutrient intake and nutrients energy Percent contributed by three regular meals and at least one in-between-meal snack. The results are displayed as tabular forms and graphical forms on the computer screen.


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