A Computerized Dietary Prescription and Nutritional Counseling System for Patients with Hyperlipidemia

고지혈증 환자를 위한 전산화된 식사처방 및 영양상담 시스템

  • Published : 1997.08.01


A computerized dietary prescription and nutritional counseling system for patients having hyperlipidemia has been developed using a personal computer. This system is composed of three programs. The first program is designed to investigate dietary history of patient, such as a dietary habit and a preference of food, to find out his incorrect dietary behavior and to give him some suggestions to correct dietary behavior. The second one is developed to analyze the energy and nutrients intake using 24-hour dietary recall method and also evaluate the status of dietary intake, especially the status of dietary fat. With these data, patient can replan pattern of his food intake including in-between-meal snack as well as regular meals. The third one is the diet and menu Planning program made using food exchange table. It provides the patient with a meal pattern suitable in his weight, activity and the other status of the body. Practicing these programs, patient with hyperlipidemia can help himself very conveniently in organizing his meal plan and in improving his dietary behavior.


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