The Structural Integrity Evaluation of Composite Pressure Vessel Using Acoustic Emission

음향방출을 이용한 복합재 압력용기의 건전성 평가

  • Published : 1997.12.01


During hydroproof test of composite pressure vessel, acoustic emission signal was measured and analyzed to evaluate structural integrity of composite motor case. When pressure was held for 1 min. at constant pressure from low pressure level to high pressure level, the pattern of hit rate of good composite pressure vessel is increased with higher value than that of bad composite pressure vessel. This report also presents detection possibility of burst location approximately in the range of 25∼36% of burst pressure using energy rate. In case that it is difficult to detect burst location of composite motor case, it is possible to detect burst location, i.e. structurally weak location of composite pressure vessel with applying same pressure lower than maximum expected operating pressure(MEOP) repeatedly.