A Steady-State Simulation and Experimental Study of Turboshaft Engine with Free Power Turbine

분리축방식 터보축 엔진의 정상상태 모사 및 실험연구

  • Published : 1997.12.01


The turboshaft engine with the free power turbine has been used for various purposes, for instance electric power generator, emergency power source, helicopter powerplant and so on. Steady-state simulation program was developed and experimental tests was carried out for comparing with computer simulation results. The test unit was composed of 1-stage centrifugal compressor, the can type combustor chamber, 1-stage radial type compressor turbine, and radial type free power turbine, and its output power is obtained from 3-phase AC generator. Main component characteristics which was used for the steady state simulation program, were obtained from the manufacturer of the test unit, and modified from experimental results of test unit. In comparison between computer simulation and experimental test results even though the test unit has the operational limit, deviation of component performance characteristics in simulation were within 6% range of experimental results.