Genetic Analysis of Low Temperature Germinability of Rice

벼의 저온발아성에 관한 유전분석

  • Published : 1997.12.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate inheritance modes of low temperature germinability(LTG) on rice. Two experiments were carried out: In experiment I, the seeds of 10 rice varieties yielded at the different cultivation conditions which were transplanted in a paddy field from May 20 to July 5 with 15-day interval, were tested at fixed temperature (13$^{\circ}C$) in-door and at field with natural conditions to find out the change of LTG according to different cultivating condition among the each variety, In experiment II, F$_1$ seeds of full diallal cross from six parents, were analyzed for combining ability and reciprocal differences of low temperature germinability. The results are summarized as follows. The seeds of 10 varieties showed significant differences of LTG at the different cultivation conditions, varieties and their interaction. And the relationship between LTG coefficient at 13$^{\circ}C$ and low temperature emergence(LTE) coefficient at field was highly significantly positive(r=0.511). From the analysis of the diallel cross, high significance was found at reciprocal difference and alpha inheritance. The mean squares of general combining ability(GCA) and specific combining ability of LTG were highly significant with higher mean squares of GCA. Seventeen out of 30 cross combinations showed transgressive segregation.