Analysis of Users Characteristics and Behaviors in Recreation Forest (II) - With a Special Reference to Users' Satisfaction -

자연휴양림(自然休養林) 이용자(利用者)의 특성(特性) 및 이용행태(利用行態) 분석(分析) (II) - 이용자(利用者)의 만족도(滿足度)를 중심(中心)으로 -

  • Received : 1997.06.04
  • Published : 1997.09.30


This study examined and analyzed users' behavior to recreation forest facilities and their satisfaction to recreation forest in order to offer some basal data which would be helpful to create new recreation forest, to supply users' needs in exsiting recreation forest, and to make excellent maintenance of recreation forest. The results are as follows ; Restroom, campground and forest aromatic bath ground were the most popular facilities with the users of recreation forest. And restroom, snack stand and water cooler were the most required facilities by the users. Before using recreation forest, users' expectation to enjoy aesthetics of nature, to be released from their fatigue and to rest, was the highest one. And users were satisfied most as they expected most from recreation forest. The major variables played for users' satisfaction about facility allocation and its harmony to the forest, were how clean the facilities are, how well they are repaired and maintained, how much noise users make around them, how easy to use them, and how beautiful the surroundings are. Users' satisfaction variables about vegetation condition of recreation forest, were diversity of vegetation, the shade of trees, the reservation of the forest, and the accordance of vegetation with the surroundings. Users' satisfaction variables about facility condition in recreation forest, were how easy to access to the recreation facilities and restroom, how clean they are, how well the trash cans are allocated, how easy to access to the field kitchen. And how good the forest is protected and nurtured, how well the forest managers conduct users' behavior, how effectively recreation forest is guided and informed to the public, were their major satisfaction variables about the management of Recreation Forest.


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