Unique Phenolic Sulphate Conjugates from the Flowers of Tamarix amplexicaulis

  • Souleman, Ahmed A.M. (National Research Centre) ;
  • Barakat, Heba H. (National Research Centre) ;
  • Hussein, Sahar A.M. (National Research Centre) ;
  • El-Mousallamy, Amani M.D. (Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Zagazig University) ;
  • Nawwar, Mahmoud A.M. (National Research Centre)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


The unique sulphated phenolics, gallic acid 3-methyl ether 5-potassium sulphate, isoferulic acid 3-potassium sulphate, and ellagic acid 4,4'-dimethyl ether 3-potassium sulphate have been isolated from the flowers of Tamarix amplexicaulis Ehrenb. (Tamaricaceae). The hitherto unknown natural phenolic acid, gallic acid 3-methyl ether, together with the known phenolic, gallic acid, gallic acid 4-methyl ether, isoferulic acid, ferulic acid, ellagic acid, and ellagic acid 4,4'-dimethyl ether have been also separated and characterized. The structures were established by conventional methods, including electrophoretic analysis and confirmed by ESI-MS, $^1H-\;and\;^{13}C-NMR$.