Discrimination of Native Bee-Honey and Foreign Bee-Honey by SDS-PAGE

단백질 전기영동을 이용한 토종꿀의 판별

  • Published : 1998.02.01


To find out the difference between native bee-honey (NBH) and foreign bee-honey (FBH), quantification of honey protein and investigation of specific protein in NBH were carried out by SDS-PAGE. Contents of honey protein in NBH and FBH were measured by Bradford and Lowry method. The contents of protein determined by Bradford method were $0.1{\sim}3.3\;mg/g$ in NBH and $0.2{\sim}1.6\;mg/g$ in FBH, and by Lowry method were $12.9{\sim}45.7\;mg/g$ in NBH and $15.8{\sim}27.1\;mg/g$ in FBH. In order to investigate the distribution of bee honey proteins, the SDS-PAGE was performed. The results showed that molecular weight of the major proteins in NBH and in FBH were 56 kDa and 59 kDa. respectively. Therefore, it was confirmed that the difference between NBH and FBH can be identified visually by SDS-PAGE analysis. The major proteins in NBH and FBH were purified through two step chromatography, and the obtained proteins were used as marker protein in SDS-PAGE to discriminate NBH and FBH.