Inhibitory Effect of Zizyphi fructus on ${\beta}-Glucuronidase$ and Tryptophanase of Human Intestinal Bacteria

대추의 장내세균 유해효소 ${\beta}-Glucuronidase$와 Tryptophanase 저해효과

  • Published : 1998.02.01


In human intestine, more than 100 species of bacteria reside and dietary factors may alter the bacterial flora which produce bacterial enzymatic activities. Especially ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ and tryptophanase activities in colon are closely associated with occurrence of colon cancer. Therefore, the inhibitory effect of traditional herbal food extracts on these intestinal bacterial enzymes are measured. The results of this study showed that Zizyphi fructus and Glycyrrhiziae radix decreased not only ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ and tryptophanase productions of human intestinal bacteria but also inhibited potently ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ and tryptophanase. Among solvent-extracted fraction of tested herbal foods, ether fraction of Glycyrrhiziae radix and ethylacetate fraction of Zizyphi fructus inhibited potently ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ and tryptophanse. Thus, ethylacetate fraction of Zizyphi fructus separated six components by silica gel column chromatography. The component having Rf=0.34 and Rf=0.43 $(developing\;solvent,\;CHCl_3/MeOH\;(3:1))$ shwed the highest inhibitory effect of ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ and tryptophanase among them.


colon cancer;${\beta}-glucuronidase$;tryptophanase;intestinal bacteria;Zizyphi fructus