Iron Binding Peptides from Casein Hydrolysates Produced by Alcalase

Casein으로부터 Alcalase에 의해 생성된 철분결합 Peptide

  • Published : 1998.02.01


Casein was hydrolyzed by alcalase to produce iron binding peptide (IBP). IBP was effectively separated from casein hydrolysates by immobilized $Fe^{3+}$ affinity chromatography and further purified by reverse phase chromatography. $25,\;50\;and\;100\;{\mu}g/mL$ of IBP solubilized $4.2,\;5.7\;and\;7.1\;{\mu}g$ of ferric at duodenum condition $(pH\;6,\;37^{\circ}C)$, respectively. According to the result of MALDI analysis, molecular weight of IBP was determined to 2,175 dalton. IBP was mainly composed of proline (24.5 mol%), lysine (15.7 mol%), and glutamine or glutamic acid (14.9 mol%) and its N-terminal sequence was Met-Ala-Pro-Lys-His. According to the information obtained from molecular weight, amino acids composition and N-terminal sequence of IBP, it was evident that IBP was from f102-119 of ${\beta}-casein$.