Free sugar, Organic acid, Hesperidin, Naringin and Inorganic elements Changes of Cheju Citrus Fruits According to Harvest Date

제주산 감귤류의 숙기에 따른 유리당, 유기산, 헤스페리딘, 나린진, 무기물 함량의 변화

  • Published : 1998.04.01


Free sugar, organic acid, naringin, hesperidin and inorganic elements change of six varities of Cheju citrus fruits; Citrus natsudaidai, C. grandis, C. platymamma., C. sudachi, C. aurantiun and C. unshiu Marc. var. miyagawa by harvest date were investigated. Changes in free sugar of citrus fruits on the different harvesting stages and varieties showed a little differencies. The content of sucrose, glucose and maltose in citrus juice were $44.9{\sim}66.0%,\;15.7{\sim}25.7%\;and\;17.5{\sim}30.1%$, respectively. As the fruits were matured, free sugar was increased, but organic acid was decreased gradually. The major organic acids from the fruit juice were citric acid, malic acid and oxalic acid. Citric acid content exceeded 90%, oxalic acid ranged less than 3.58% and malic acid ranged $0.98{\sim}9.45%$ in total organic acids. Both naringin and hesperidin content showed markedly high in immature fruits, and in rind compare to fruit juice. Naringin and hesperidin content decreased as peel coloration progressed. It was estimated that fully matured fruits would be useful for making processed products, which lead to less turbity and less bitterness.


Citrus fruit;free sugar;organic acid;hesperidin;harvest date