Freezing Time Prediction of Foods by Multiple Regression Analysis

다중회귀분석에 의한 식품의 동결시간 예측

  • Published : 1998.04.01


To develop simple and accurate analytical method for freezing time prediction of beef and tylose under various freezing conditions, freezing time (Y) was regressed against the reciprocal $(X_3)$ of difference of initial freezing point and freezing medium temperature, reciprocal $(X_4)$ of surface heat transfer coefficient, the initial temperature $(X_1)$ and thickness $(X_2)$ of samples which should cover most situations arising in frozen food industry. As results of the multiple regression analysis, equations were obtained as follows. $Y_{tylose}=3.45X_1+7642.84X_2+4642.67X_3+2946.89X_4-431.33\;(R^2=0.9568)$ and $Y_{beef}=0.68X_1+7568.98X_2+2430.78X_3+3293.26X_4-299.00\;(R^2=0.9897)$. These equations offered better results than Plank, Nagaoka and Pham's models, shown in satisfactory agreement with models of Cleland & Earle and Hung & Thompson when were compared to previous models, and the accuracy of its was very high as average absolute difference of about 10% in the difference between the fitted and experimental results. Also, thermal diffusivities of beef and tylose were measured as $4.43{\times}10^{-4}m^2/hr$ and $4.39{\times}10^{-4}m^2/hr$ at $6{\sim}7^{\circ}C$, $2.42{\times}10^{-3}m^2/hr$ and $3.32{\times}10^{-3}m^2/hr$ at $-10{\sim}-12^{\circ}C$. Initial freezing points of beef and tylose were $-1.2^{\circ}C\;and\;-0.6^{\circ}C$, respectively. Surface heat transfer coefficients were estimated $20.57\;W/m^2^{\circ}C$ with no-packing, $16.11\;W/m^2^{\circ}C$ with wrap packing and $13.07\;W/m^2^{\circ}C$ with Al-foil packing, and the cooling rate of immersion freezing method was about 10 times faster than that of air blast freezing method.