Dental Caries Suppression Effect and Other Physiological Properties of Erythritol

에리스리톨의 난충치성 및 기타 생리 특성

  • Published : 1998.04.01


Dental caries suppression effect and other physiological properties of erythritol were measured in comparison with those of sucrose, xylitol and sorbitol. The susceptibility test for dental caries by using Streptococcus mutans KCTC 3065 and Lactobacillus acidophillus indicated that erythritol was as effective as xylitol in suppressing dental caries. In lactic acid fermentation test, erythritol showed the least growth of bacteria among the tested sweeteners. The tolelerance test by using mice showed that diarrhea began by feeding once 1500 mg erythritol/kg b.w., 1500 mg xylitol/kg b.w. and 1000 mg sorbitol/kg b.w. respectively.


erythritol;dental caries supression effect;lactic acid fermentation;tolerable test