Incompatibility of Casein-Alginate Mixtures

카제인-알긴산 혼합물의 비혼합성

  • Published : 1998.10.01


Phase separation is the typical phenomenon in protein-polysaccharide mixtures because of thermodynamic incompatibility between two macromolecules. Phase separations of casein-alginate-water systems were investigated by using phase diagram under varying pH (6, 8 and 10) and NaCl concentrations (0, 0.25 and 0.5 M). Incompatibility decreased with increasing pH and decreasing NaCl concentration. Molecular weight of alginates did not significantly affect the phase diagram of casein-alginate-water systems. The results strongly suggested that compatibility of casein and alginate involved electrostatic interactions.


casein;alginate;incompatibility;phase diagram