Changes of Color in Doenjang by Different Browning Factors

갈변인자에 따른 된장 색깔의 변화

  • Published : 1998.10.01


To establish the process control for inhibiting browning of Doenjang, the factors of browning were investigated. The browning of Doenjang was prompted by oxygen, temperature, light and Fe. Expecially temperature, oxygen and metal were main factors of browning in Doenjang. The Color Doenjang was determined by ratios of raw materials, process of manufacture and the channel of distribution. Among ascorbic acid and anti-browning agent, anti-browning agent was effective to inhibit the browning of Doenjang. The process control to inhibit the browning of Doenjang was as follows: temperature; $20^{\circ}C$ or less than, oxygen; elimination, Fe; inhibition of inflow.