Value Addition of Jujube Wine using Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration

미세여과와 한외여과를 이용한 대추술의 고품질화

  • Published : 1998.10.01


To prevent deterioration of the jujube wine quality by using heat sterilization while commercial production, ultrafiltration and microfiltration were applied. The permeate flux and physicochemical properties of jujube wine determined by MF and UF membrane ($0.2\;{\mu}m$ pore size and 50 K dalton cut off) were investigated. The permeate flux increasing caused the increased operating pressure. The Hunter L value of jujube wine treated MF and UF was increased and that of b value was decreased. The turbidity of jujube wine treated MF and UF was largely decreased. And the values of pH, ethanol, total acid and soluble solid were decreased or were at the same level comparing with untreated jujube wine. Retention percentage of sugar and organic acid was more than 80% and was not influenced by operating pressure. Results of sensory evaluation indicated that the color of UF was superior to un-treatment and commercial ones. And the flavor and taste were not significantly different with untreated jujube wine. The quality deterioration of commercial jujube wine could be improved by MF and UF. According to the sensory evaluation, there was also not difference between MF and UF for preference test. Therefore, the quality of jujube wine could be improved by MF having better separation yield efficiency than UF.


jujube wine;microfiltration;ultrafiltration